Oppss, did I say 50?  Sounds better than fitness at 60+


With each passing year I ask myself, “What the heck are you doing to yourself?” Then I remind myself  . . . you need this, it’s not just about the fitness, it’s exercise and I need it, even if only to keep my sanity.  

Even with the exercise DVD’s I own and all the channels available on the TV, left to my own devices I find myself not working out at home as much as I should, so it’s off to a class I go, but some days it’s harder than others to get there.


Over the years I’ve enjoyed several types of classes, aerobics, kick boxing, ripped, Zumba. I’ve enjoyed them all, but lately I’ve noticed some changes . . .  think maybe it’s just me?


I’ve been enjoying black light Zumbablack light Fitness at 50 . . . where nobody seems to care what happens in the dark, but recently our class was moved to a new location , . . a very well lit, mirrored dance studio.


 Oh no . . . bright lights AND a mirror, that really messes up the image I’ve had in my head all this time. There’s a lot to be said about darkness. It feeds the ego . . . or should I say the image.


Standing under bright lights in front of a mirror is an eye opener to say the least.

In my mind’s eye I’m fit, trim and definitely younger. In reality . . . I’m a little over weight (according the doctor) and starting to show AND feel my age.


Those mirrors are pure evil. I mean did you see those “bat wings?” Now that’s downright scary. Oh, and seems I never outgrew those “knocked knees” (man that was torture as a kid, knocked kneed AND pigeon toed, I was doomed.)


I remember (vaguely) a body like “Miss Skinny” and I admire “Miss I’ve lost over 100 pounds,”   I’m so impressed by her. I love that the class has all shapes, sizes and ages.zumba Fitness at 50

Oldest in class? Definitely! Ok, so what?

So I’m 60 something!  It’s not as bad as all that. Turns out most of us have a little jiggle . . . some just more than others.



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Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows . . . that’s what I feel when we’re together . . . sing it with me. Okay, hum along; even I’ve forgotten some of the words. 

Cruising home from lunch one day this old familiar song popped on the radio. Hmmmm . . . sunshine, rainbows . . . definitely a few of my favorite things. 
Sunshine . . . ahhhh if I’m not out in it (which is always my preference); I’m soaking up the rays from my window. I’m a sun worshiper from way back. Gotta’ get me that vitamin D.

Unfortunately winter is approaching fast and there won’t be many opportunities to even see the sun here in Upstate NY.

Sometimes I have to settle for the afternoon sunshine as it comes through the window at work. It’s so bright sometimes I should be wearing shades.here comes 150x150 Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows

Rainbows . . . There is something about a rainbow. As a child I loved to play in the rain. An afternoon rain on a warm summer day would find me out jumping in the puddles and looking for rainbows, and who didn’t wonder where that pot of gold was?

Even as an adult I look for the rainbow after a rain. Is it true the rainbow always appears opposite the sun? Seems someone told me that, something about the sun reflecting through the raindrops.

Sunny days, Rainy days, rainbows . . . . they’re all fabulous. Each day offers a clean slate to make it whatever you wish

I almost forgot . . .

Lollipops. Bluckkk, Yuck . . . Nasty . . . Can’t stand them! Don’t know what there is about them but I’m not a fan of any kind of hard candy. (Just give me the chocolate!)
My mom tells a story of me at Halloween. Apparently I was quite a verbal child at 5 years of age. “I don’t like Suckers,” telling my grandmother while handing it back to her. Sorry Gramma

Wishing you only Sunshine & Rainbows

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