For some reason I find it difficult to just sit and do nothing. Hubbie can sit in front of the TV for hours, watching movies and shows, (and snoozing through a few.)

Me? I'll be checking my email, hanging out on Facebook or Pinterest, making a grocery list, wondering why I'm just sitting there, feeling guilty for ignoring the housework or wondering what to fix for supper.

Seems there is always something that needs to be done.

This past week I was on vacation. The first day consisted of shampooing the living room carpet, the second day, finishing off the Dining room carpet.

Vacation . . . Seems to be the time to tackle all those things I can't accomplish during a normal work week.

I managed to clean out and organize dresser drawers, toss all that unrecognizable stuff that's been hanging out in the back of the frig, and even get in a few zumba classes.

Now the week wasn't all work, we kidnapped the grandson one day and took him to lunch, stopping afterwards at Barnes and Nobel so he could pick out his own books. I was thinking more in the lines of a book to help him train the puppies, but he had other plans. logan 150x150 VacationAt least know he won’t be on the computer all summer.

A few $ $ $ later we were on our way to our favorite ice cream shop, there’s no such thing as a soon to be 13 year old boy NOT being hungry.

Then come Saturday afternoon I was ready to slow down. Hhubbie and I spent the afternoon on the patio, just kicking back, enjoying the weather. For the first time I actually ignored all the other things I could or should have been doing. 

I grabbed a magazine and kicked back in the lounge chair, (actually I think I even snoozed a bit). I love to read and spend such little time doing it. I actually have dozens of books downloaded on my iPad.patio 150x150 Vacation

The magazine I picked up taught me how to transform my health, habits, and stress levels. I read how to take the first step to a richer life, and the best non-diet tip ever. I learned how hormones can affect your health and happiness and the importance of a nap (hhmmm, is this where I dosed off?) Not bad for a lazy afternoon read.

Well vacation came to a close and I believe poor hubbie looked forward to me going back to work. He gets all wore out when I'm home . . .  guess he'll have to rest up after I go back to back to work.

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Snap, Crackle, Pop. Do you remember them? The 3 characters advertising Kellogg's cereal?  As a kid I preferred Sugar Smacks or maybe Frosted Flakes.

Well these days the sounds of Snap . . . Crackle . . . Pop, tends to be me.

Yup, the knee tends to snap, the hip or back have a tendency to crack at odd moments and the knee tends to pop or just buckle out from under me. Quite a chorus I can create.

The knee almost feels like a rubber band snapping, the back will crack occasionally when bending over or just rolling over in bed. Even the hip gets in on the chorus . . . Popping whenever it likes.  Aaahhhhh . . . the joys of old age.

I guess I've abused my knees, but I kinda liked it when the nurse practitioner told me I shouldn't be doing lunges and deep knee bends . . . I think I like her . . . I never did like lunges.

Oh but something new! She also told me during my recent visit that I have one leg shorter than the other, hhhmmmmm. Seems this is what is causing my hips to ache, oh and the inflammation in the knee is fluid on the knee. 

A trip to the foot specialist is recommended also a trip to the orthopedic, an X-ray of the knee shows something more than fluid . . . arthritis, dang. Well I guess it didn't surprise me.

Well I know what my good friend Dr. Mary would say, and I suppose I knew it all along. (I can hear here from afar, I'm upstate NY, she's Florida.)

"Sulfurzyme, Roxanne you need to be taking sulferzyme"

Sulfurzyme is a unique combination of methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), a protein-building compound and Ningxia wolfberry. MSM is a special organic sulfur that combats autoimmune diseases including arthritis.

Together, they balance the immune system and support almost every major function of the body. Of particular importance is the ability of MSM to equalize water pressure inside of the cells—a considerable benefit for those plagued with bursitis, arthritis, and tendinitis. Ningxia wolfberry supplies nutrients to enhance proper assimilation and metabolism of sulfur.*

Hubbie has been taking sulferzyme for over a year now. What he has found is a reduction of the inflammation in his joints and relief of many aches and pains. I know this because if I have forgotten  to order it he will remind me.

So, I need to place our order . . .  it's time to put the chorus to bed.

*The information above is from the Essential Oils Desk Reference Guide, 3rd Edition.


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