I've been hiding all winter, no not hibernating, HIDING!

Hiding under long sleeves . . . bulky sweaters . . . pants and socks.  Even though the calendar announced spring last month, what an eye opener when you first “spring” out from underneath all that!

This week I was a guest at an event sponsored by my work. It was a formal evening and the first warm day of the season.

 What to wear? It can put a girl into frenzy. It’s not like I don’t have the appropriate attire, it’s just this mid-season throws me into a tail spin. Too warm for a jacket, too cool for sleeveless.  I’m never ready for the change of the season, then that little voice screams at me . . . did I shave my legs?

I finally chose a short sleeve dress and of course a pashmina. (I don’t care where you go if it’s the mall or the movies, even on the hottest days of summer, I always need a sweater and have even been known to get a blanket out of the car to use while at the movies . . . brrrrr.)

us 150x150 Hiding Well hubbie and I did our part, we clean up pretty good and didn't embarrass ourselves or my co-workers.

But dang . . .  in hind site, not only ruffles have ridges. Seems the socks I wore all day left me some pretty good ridges, at least I don't think anyone noticed, if they did they were polite and looked the other way.

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car 300x168 He runs on OilAfter all these years I have figured out hubbies mission in life.  Kevin’s mission in life is to own one of every vehicle ever made.

Kevin is all things cars. He’s been car crazy as long as I have known him. He can talk cars for hours. He bought his first car before he was even out of high school. He treats them like his baby.

Kevin tried to figure out how many cars he’s owned over the years once, he lost track after 50 or so.  Yup, I think he has oil in his blood. He can’t pass by a car lot of any sort without doing a drive through. He’s owned a Camaro, a Mustang, an old 1950 Chevy pickup, a Volkswagen beetle, and even a Hummer, just to name a few.

He almost sold MY Pt Cruiser to his sister once. We would no sooner get a new/used vehicle and he would be pulling into a car lot . . . “just to look” . . . and so it began . . .  AGAIN!

He has always taken good care of his vehicles and there is nothing he likes more than to wash . . . and wax . . . and detail his car.  But ya know what? A guy that takes that much care of his car takes even better care of his family.

Yah, he is car crazy, what's a girl to do?
       At least he hasn’t traded me in . . . yet!


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