I've been hiding all winter, no not hibernating, HIDING!

Hiding under long sleeves . . . bulky sweaters . . . pants and socks.  Even though the calendar announced spring last month, what an eye opener when you first “spring” out from underneath all that!

This week I was a guest at an event sponsored by my work. It was a formal evening and the first warm day of the season.

 What to wear? It can put a girl into frenzy. It’s not like I don’t have the appropriate attire, it’s just this mid-season throws me into a tail spin. Too warm for a jacket, too cool for sleeveless.  I’m never ready for the change of the season, then that little voice screams at me . . . did I shave my legs?

I finally chose a short sleeve dress and of course a pashmina. (I don’t care where you go if it’s the mall or the movies, even on the hottest days of summer, I always need a sweater and have even been known to get a blanket out of the car to use while at the movies . . . brrrrr.)

usWell hubbie and I did our part, we clean up pretty good and didn't embarrass ourselves or my co-workers.

But dang . . .  in hind site, not only ruffles have ridges. Seems the socks I wore all day left me some pretty good ridges, at least I don't think anyone noticed, if they did they were polite and looked the other way.

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Debbie April 17, 2014 at 1:56 pm

feel like getting buried



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